• LIC agent is the person who provides advice on Life Insurance Planning to people to protect their family from unexpected events of death, disability and retirement of the bread winner.It is a noble profession indeed.
  • Job Profile of LIC Agent:

    The main job of LIC Agent involves:

    • Prospecting: Identifying the prospective customers and fixing appointment.
    • Need Analysis: Identifying the needs and getting the prospect agree that need exists. (i.e. Family Income Provision, Children Education and Marriage Provision or Retirement Income Provision.)
    • Plan Presentation: Suggesting suitable plans that fulfill the needs as agreed by the prospect.
    • Closing the Sale: Convincing the prospect that you have suggested the best possible solution for his needs and ask for the order.
    • After Sales Service: Provide efficient after sales service and claims settlement.LIC agent also contributes to economic development of the country. As the money collected towards life insurance premium goes towards Nation Building Activities e.g: Roads, Railways, Ports, Bridges, Water supply, Electricity, Housing etc.
  • Top LIC agents earn between 3 crores to 4 crores per annum.
  • The average gross income of top 20% of LIC agents is above 12 lakhs per annum.
You will be trained in such a way that you will be among top 20% of agents within 3 years’ time, the only pre-requisites are Passion and Hard work.